Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea ruins the lives of 20 million Americans, and 95% don’t know it. If you gasp in your sleep, snore, regularly wake up exhausted, or experience unexplained weight gain, depression, anxiety or fatigue… come in for a free test. If you have apnea, we can often treat it with a customized mouthpiece. And change your life.

Night Guard

Night guards protect your teeth and restorations from chipping and fracture, especially if you grind or clench your teeth. We customize your night guard to create a comfortable bite and relax you jaw muscles. In addition, our guards are extremely durable so your teeth remain protected and beautiful for many years.

Root Canal

A root canal removes the infected nerve inside your tooth, replacing it with a bio-compatible filler. Nobody wants a root canal. However, if you need one, our experienced dentists are some of the best. We’ll make your root canal quick and painless, allowing you to get on with whatever makes you happy.