Dental Sealants

We place sealants on teeth with especially deep fissures to prevent cavities. Sometimes grooves in your teeth can be narrower than a single toothbrush bristle, making cleaning impossible. A sealant, or thin, transparent plastic barrier, keeps bacteria out and your teeth healthy.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning removes dense dental tartar and infected material from tooth surfaces. Also called “Scaling and Root Planing,” this is necessary to treat gum disease before it becomes severe and leads to extreme gum and bone loss. Fortunately, our experienced team does this gently and in a relaxed environment. So relaxed, in fact, that some of our patients fall asleep in the massage chair during their deep cleaning!

Dental Fillings

If you need a filling, you need one done right. This means it feels smooth to your tongue and doesn’t trap food between your tooth. Your filling should also look so natural that you can’t tell the tooth has had any work. Most importantly, your dentist needs to use durable, high-quality, bio-compatible material. A dental filling may look small, but our meticulous team treats it like a big deal and cuts no corners.