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We warranty our work for life

As long as you make your regular cleanings in one of our offices or have one of our plans, we will replace any of our crowns or ceramic fillings at no cost.

Technology for you and your mouth

We use state of the art dental and non-dental technologies to give you the most comfortable dental experience ever during and after your dental visit.

Dental plans

If you don’t have dental insurance, our dental plans give you the most savings with the lowest monthly fee without having annual limits or waiting period.


We do our work using state of the art dental technologies and we guarantee them for life.

Preventive and minor care

dental examination san francisco

Dental Exam

You need a regular dental exam to find little problems before they become big. More importantly, your dental exam must be thorough and conducted by an experienced doctor who won’t miss little problems. We meticulously check each of your teeth, your gums, your jaw joint and neck, and your airway. We even screen for oral cancer. Our goal is to help you maintain your teeth and smile (and overall health) for the rest of your life.

dental teeth cleaning san francisco

Teeth Cleaning

We make your teeth cleaning a uniquely positive experience. In addition to gently and comfortably cleaning your teeth, we relax you in a massaging dental chair. While we work, you watch Netflix through VR goggles or enjoy music on Bose high-fidelity headphones. Before you know it, your appointment is done and your teeth are smooth, clean and vibrant. Most important, regular cleanings and exams are the best way to keep your teeth and beautiful smile for the rest of your life.

dental filling san francisco

Dental Fillings

If you need a filling, you need one done right. This means it feels smooth to your tongue and doesn’t trap food between your tooth. Your filling should also look so natural that you can’t tell the tooth has had any work. Most importantly, your dentist needs to use durable, high-quality, bio-compatible material. A dental filling may look small, but our meticulous team treats it like a big deal and cuts no corners.

dental deep cleaning and perio maintenance in san francisco

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning removes dense dental tartar and infected material from tooth surfaces. Also called “Scaling and Root Planing,” this is necessary to treat gum disease before it becomes severe and leads to extreme gum and bone loss. Fortunately, our experienced team does this gently and in a relaxed environment. So relaxed, in fact, that some of our patients fall asleep in the massage chair during their deep cleaning!

dental sealant san francisco

Dental Sealants

We place sealants on teeth with especially deep fissures to prevent cavities. Sometimes grooves in your teeth can be narrower than a single toothbrush bristle, making cleaning impossible. A sealant, or thin, transparent plastic barrier, keeps bacteria out and your teeth healthy.

Crowns and bridges

cerec same-day crown san francisco

Same Day Crown

Your time and comfort are important. We create your crown (or porcelain inlay/onlay) in one visit, using a small camera, computer, and CAD/CAM milling machine. This means no mouthful of goop or gagging. The results are a perfect, beautiful, durable crown–that we’re willing to warrant for life!

dental bridges in san francisco soothing dental

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge fills the gap of two or more missing teeth. Three factors create a successful bridge. First, your bridge should look so natural, everybody thinks it’s real teeth. Second, it must be perfectly designed. This means no food gets trapped and your bite comes together in a way that feels comfortable and doesn’t cause jaw aches. Third, make your bridge durable so it lasts. Our meticulous dentists excel at crafting the ideal bride for each patient. So you can smile, chew and live with confidence.

dental inlay and onlay in san francisco

Inlays and Onlays

Porcelain inlays and onlays offer far superior durability and aesthetics, compared to large composite resin fillings. Using CAD/CAM technology, we create a porcelain filling jigsaw piece to fit perfectly in your prepared tooth. The results are beautiful, and so durable that we warranty it for life.

dental crowns in san francisco

Dental Crown

Beautiful and perfect-fitting crowns in one visit, made with CAD/CAM. This means no gagging on a tray full of goop. Relax on a massage chair, watch Netflix in 3D, and then leave with your final crown. And our crowns are so good, we’re willing to warranty them for life!

Surgery and Removables

dental implants in san francisco

Dental Implant

Implants are titanium screws that secure a crown, bridge or dentures to our bone. Our experienced doctors plan you implant with with the final crown, bite and aesthetics in mind. This results in a beautiful permanent solution that looks so natural, nobody will know it’s artificial.

painless root canal san francisco

Root Canal

A root canal removes the infected nerve inside your tooth, replacing it with a bio-compatible filler. Nobody wants a root canal. However, if you need one, our experienced dentists are some of the best. We’ll make your root canal quick and painless, allowing you to get on with whatever makes you happy.

dental night guard san francisco

Night Guard

Night guards protect your teeth and restorations from chipping and fracture, especially if you grind or clench your teeth. We customize your night guard to create a comfortable bite and relax you jaw muscles. In addition, our guards are extremely durable so your teeth remain protected and beautiful for many years.

pinhole gum rejuvenation san francisco

Pinhole Surgery

Traditional gum surgery involves removing tissue from part of your mouth and stitching it onto your gums. Pinhole surgery avoids that entirely. Working through a small pinhole, a thin instrument is used to loosen your gum tissue and then pull it into the proper position. It’s gum surgery without cutting or sutures.

painless tooth extraction san francisco

Tooth Extraction

When your tooth needs to be extracted, it must be done with care and careful planning. Our experienced doctors extract teeth quickly and painlessly. We also take precautions to minimize post-op discomfort and accelerate the healing process.

dental dentures san francisco


Dentures restore your smile and your dignity. Our experts ensure your dentures fit comfortably and well, so you can eat and laugh with confidence. If you would like your dentures anchored or permanently fixed with implants, our experienced dentists can help you.

sleep apnea treatment in san francisco

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea ruins the lives of 20 million Americans, and 95% don’t know it. If you gasp in your sleep, snore, regularly wake up exhausted, or experience unexplained weight gain, depression, anxiety or fatigue… come in for a free test. If you have apnea, we can often treat it with a customized mouthpiece. And change your life.


teeth whitening san francisco

Teeth Whitening

Many people equate white teeth with youth, beauty and confidence. Our whitening systems range from just a few shades touch-up to a radiant bright smile. In just one visit you can have the brilliant smile you’ve always wanted.

Invisalign invisible braces san francisco


Invisalign straightens your teeth in a few months, compared to a year or more with braces. More importantly, Invisalign trays can be removed when you’re eating, publicly speaking, or brushing your teeth. And often nobody knows you’re wearing them. For wonderfully straight teeth, Invisalign is amazing.

dental veneer in san francisco_soothing_dental

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers create a perfect smile immediately. A veneer is a perfectly shaped and naturally colored shell that adheres to your tooth. Whether you’re covering one misshapen tooth or almost all of them, the result is a dazzling new smile. And all the first impressions and opportunities that come with it.

dental bonding san francisco

Dental Bonding

Tooth chips, gaps, discolorations and imperfections can all be fixed with dental bonding. A natural-looking layer of composite is sculpted over the area you want to fix, and it becomes enamel-hard in seconds. The result is a brilliant smile.

gum conturing in san francisco

Gum Contouring

Overgrown gums cover your teeth and create a “gummy smile.” Our cosmetic dentist can simply correct that by reshaping your gums in one easy visit. The results are more exposed teeth, symmetric gums, and a beautiful smile.

Dental plans

If you don’t have dental insurance or would like to change your current insurance plan to an unlimited more affordable one with more coverage, choose one of our plans.

100% Preventive
25% Minor care
5% Crown & bridge
5% Surgery & removable
5% Cosmetic
100% Preventive
100% Minor care
20% Crown & bridge
20% Surgery & removable
15% Cosmetic
100% Preventive
100% Minor care
50% Crown & bridge
50% Surgery & removable
30% Cosmetic

We accept all PPO plans

We are transparent about our prices. Check out our tool to estimate your dental costs with different options.

What our patients say about us

Super happy and pleased with my first visit to Soothing Dental in Sunnyvale. The online/mobile interface to book appointments and create a profile is very straightforward and easy to complete.

They were very understanding of my anxiety and made the entire process painless. Dr. Sevely was really nice and funny, he made me feel at ease. I love that they have an app, it made filling out my health history, etc really easy.

This dentist office is really cool. I have dentist anxiety to the max and this place made me feel more at ease. I really liked the use of the app.

Great place, check in was easy. Justin was willing to figure out if I had insurance or not — esp since I got there and I couldn’t remember if my employer had actually signed me up. BEST part is that you can book your appointment online!

Really really enjoyed my visit here. Justin in the front office was super helpful and kind to me with getting all my information together and explaining my treatment results, costs, and insurance coverage breakdowns.

Dr. Sevely, aka Clark Kent D.D.S., clearly knows his stuff and it feels like he’s on your side (some dentists feel like used car salesmen). He explained all my options really patiently and transparently.

Our dentists and hygienists

It’s always better to put a face to a name. Just easier.

gary sevely dds dentist in sunnyvale dental
Dr Gary Sevely


Dr. Sevely was born and raised in Los Altos. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from UCSD. He received his doctorate in dentistry from UCLA and has been practicing in Sunnyvale since 1991.

Dr. Siavash Dehghani


Dr. Dehghani attended the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, where he received his dental degree.

Crystal Cezar


She started working as a dental assistant and soon after, she pursued her dreams as a dental hygienist. She graduated in 2011 and has been working as a dental hygienist since.

Yung Ha


Yung has been in the dental field for 20 years and graduated from Carrington College in 2011. She loves her career educating and taking care of patients.

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